Folk Art

Miniature Corner Cupboard possible Salesman’s Sample

This is a sweet miniature corner cupboard, possibly a salesman’s sample. The cupboard has the cutout shelves of an 18th century corner cupboard, as well as curved cut out front and a paneled lower door. The interior and back have been painted in a lovely dark green color. As is shown, the piece is a…read more


Miniature Soapstone Holy Bible book

A fun folky piece; a hand carved miniature book made from soapstone.  It has a carved spine and cover, with carved pages as well.   It has “HOLY BIBLE” carved on the cover, although I think this may have been a later addition as the quality of the rest of the work is better than the…read more


Hooked Geometric Rug

This folky hooked rug is in great condition. The bright, graphic colors of the squares look great with any country collection. It would look super hanging also. It measures 3 ft x 3.87 ft.


19th Century Checkerboard

This checkerboard is large and graphic. The old white & black paint is especially pleasing. It would make a room or look great with your gameboard collection. It is 32 inches long x 19 inches wide.


Coal Sign

This sign has great graphic appeal in old black lettering on old white background. It is 38 inches long x 10 inches high.


Hand Carved Fish Decoy

We bought this folky hand carved fish years ago, I forgot I had it. His body is painted in a red & white wash with yellow eyes. I am not sure of the age.


mid-19th cent. hollow cut silhouettes in gold frames

A pair of small mid-19th century hollow cut silhouettes of a man and a woman.  We believe they may be a couple, based on the similarity of the paper and background and that they face each other, but cannot be sure.  Both of them are done in hollow cut technique, where the image is cut…read more


19thc Folk Art Carved Wood Snake Cane

This snake cane is a wonderful example of American folk art.  Hand carved from Virginia, it has its original black paint and tack eyes.  It measures 38 inches in length.


Folk Art Wooden Carved Bookends with Scotty Dogs

A pair of fun folky carved wood bookends with black Scotty dogs on them. Made of quarter sawn oak, each bookend has an arched front with carved black Scotty dogs, with black borders around the arch and the front of the base. The ends are plain on the back, and have a lacquered finish. These…read more


World War I Folk Art Pencil Drawing Of Uncle Sam

Copied from an old piece of sheet music and signed “L.L.B.”, this folk art drawing of Uncle Sam was most likely a school child’s art project. It is titled “Boys In Blue”. It measures approximately 16&1/4 by 12&1/4 and has never been out of its original frame. Backed with wood.