Sheraton Mahogany Fluted Leg Wash Stand, c. 1820 with Albany Area Connection

This is a beautiful example of a mahogany Sheraton wash stand, c. 1820. It has lovely fluted column design on the legs, with a period brass pull on the drawer. It has cutouts for a wash stand set, and a nice shelf back. The drawer has a chamfered base. There are stress cracks on the top, on either side of the cutouts, but these have been repaired and strengthened.

What makes this wash stand even more interesting is the signature on the bottom of the drawer; it is signed “Van Rensselar”. The Van Rensselaer family is one of the important founding families of Albany. We do not know the exact connection of this piece to the family, but there are several pieces of the Van Rensselaer family’s furniture at the Albany Institute that are similar in style to this piece.