Hand Colored Lithographs of Birds by Spencer Fuller Baird (Amer. 1823-1887)

These are lovely hand colored lithographs of birds done by Spencer Fuller Baird (Amer 1823-1887).  These lithographs were originally published in the “Report on the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey: Made Under the Direction of the Secretary of the Interior William H. Emory, major First Cavalry, and United States, commissioner”, published from 1857-59.

Spencer Fuller Baird  was an American naturalist, ornithologist and museum curator. Baird was the first curator to be named at the Smithsonian Institute. He also served as assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian from 1850 to 1878, and as Secretary from 1878 until 1887.  He was involved in a number of surveys of the flora and fauna of various regions of the United States, and published more than 1,000 publications.

Both lithos are nicely framed in gold frames.  They are both in excellent condition, with no staining or tears.