1920’s Mahogany Locker from Old Adirondack Golf Clubhouse

This piece is really cool and is barn fresh! A tall mahogany locker, originally used in a golf clubhouse in the Adirondack region in the 1920’s. The paneled door has a great brass pullout handle to open and shut the locker. When opened, the locker has a shelf, hooks on the wall and a small brass plaque with the number 28 on the inside of the door. There are slots on the top and bottom of the locker that would have allowed air flow. There is a trim molding on the bottom; based on the molding, it looks like the locker stood alone, but had another back to back.

This would make a great addition to a man cave, or a very functional coat closet for a tight space.
Dimensions: 68″ H; 16″ W; 12″D